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I want to support you to bring out the best in your boy as he becomes a young man

This means understanding the changes he is going through and knowing what he needs at different stages in his development.

I also want to support you as much as possible to help him avoid the dangers that are part of being a teenager today including addiction to technology, drugs and mental health issues. I want to see him grow into a motivated, responsible and resilient young man who feels supported, forms healthy relationships, is positive about the future and will make the best possible contribution to the world.

Having worked with thousands of boys and young men for over 30 years, I believe the critical ingredients
to bring out the best in young men are:

1) Changing how we parent and teach our boys as they become teenagers

2) Acknowledging and celebrating their transition through a properly run Rite of Passage

3) Knowing how to support them when things get tough

These elements work together to create a fundamental shift from boy behaviour to healthy man behaviour as well as encouraging your young man to pursue his unique gifts and talents. In doing these things, we can prevent so many young men from feeling lost, alone, unseen and from trying to initiate themselves into manhood through stupid risk-taking behaviours. 

The shift from boy behaviour to healthy man behaviour, having his unique gifts recognised and knowing he has support when he needs it will change your young man’s life forever. 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to help make your boy’s transition to manhood a positive, healthy experience that will have lasting effects for him, his family and for generations to come.


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